All I Ask of You 你是我的一切所求All I Ask of You 你是我的一切所求 (Raoul) 勞爾No more talk of darkness, 莫再談論詭異的黑夜Forget these wide-eyed fears. 把所有目睹的恐懼忘掉I'm here, nothing can harm you - 因為裝潢我在你身邊守護你my words will warm and calm you. 任誰也無法傷害你Let me be your freedom, 我溫柔的話語將會助你沉靜let daylight dry your tears. 赤讓你感到安心讓我帶來自由I'm here with you, beside you, 讓陽光蒸發你酒店工作的淚水to guard you and to guide you... 我會永遠再你左右牽引你並守護你(Christine)克莉絲汀Say you love me every waking moment, 說 你在甦醒的每一刻 都愛著我turn my head with talk of summertime... 跟我說些我想聽的夏日時景觀設計光Say you need me with you now and always... 說 你需要我的陪伴 直到永遠Promise me that all you say is true - 保証你所說的 全都是真that's all I ask of you...那就是我對你的冀求(Raoul) 勞爾Let me be your shelter, 酒店經紀let me be your light. 讓我成為你的避風港You're safe: No-one will find you - 讓我成為你的陽光your fears are far behind you...你是安全的沒有人會找到你的恐懼會遠遠離你而去(Christine) 克莉絲汀All I want is freedom, 室內裝潢我只有想要自由a world with no more night... and you, 一個沒有夜晚的世界always beside me, to hold me and to hide me...而你 永遠伴隨著我 擁著我 隱藏我(Raoul) 勞爾Then say you'll share with me 說 你將與我用享愛情 長灘島共度一輩子one love, one lifetime...讓我將你從你的孤單中帶走let me lead you from your solitude....說 你需要我的陪伴 我的跟隨 Say you need me with you here, beside you...無論你要去哪 anywhere you go, let me go too - 酒店打工也讓我同行Christine, that's all I ask of you...克莉絲汀 那就是我對你的冀求(Christine) 克莉絲汀Say you'll share with me one love, one lifetime... 說 你將與我同享愛情 共度一輩子say the word and I will follow 酒店工作you... 對我說這些話 那我將跟隨你(Both) 合唱Share each day with me, 與我共享每一天 每一夜 each night, each morning... 美一個清晨(Christine) 克莉絲汀Say you love me...克莉絲汀說你愛我(Raoul) 勞爾You know I do...你知道ARMANI我是愛你的(Both) 合唱Love me - that's all I ask of you...愛我 那就是我對你的冀求Anywhere you go let me go too... 無論你要去哪 也讓我同行Love me - that's all I ask of you...愛我 那就是我對你的冀求 All I Ask 租房子Of You

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